PADI Scuba Review

Are you a certified diver but have not gone diving for quite some time and need to refresh your diving skills? Do you want to update your knowledge and skills so you can be more confident when you go diving? If you answer yes, then you need to take a Scuba Review Course with MolaMola Diving Center in Muscat!

What is PADI Scuba Review Skills

The PADI scuba review course is a quick refresher PADI course that will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills of diving. It aims to build back your confidence and make you feel comfortable diving in open water once again.

The course consists of content knowledge review, confined water session, and sometimes an open water session. The Scuba Diving review is usually a half-day session with a PADI professional.

The knowledge review part you will take it at MolaMola Diving Center by Scuba Tune-up Guidebook or online via the PADI e-learning option. The Scuba Tune-up Guidebook is a workbook with refresher notes, as well as short quizzes to test your knowledge on diving. The PADI e-learning option is an online and interactive program that will refresh your knowledge on diving.

Who Are Recommended To Take The Scuba Review Course

The following are recommended to take Scuba Review Courses:

  • Certified divers who need a refresher
  • Divers who need an update before travelling and diving
  • Divers who need pre-assessment for an ongoing diving course or for an upgrade from being a Junior diver to a certified scuba diver
  • Non-certified divers to complete scuba diving training
  • Scuba divers who are moving up to Open Water Diver certification.

MolaMola Diivng Centers offers the best PADI courses in Oman. From diving in Muscat to getting PADI certified in Oman – whenever you will contact MolaMola Diving Center, we will be always be at your service.

Price includes PADI eLearning
PADI Scuba Review 70 OMR

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